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Introducing TheTube Coffee Van

We would like to introduce you to THE TUBE, a beautifully restored and converted vintage Citroen HY van, serving the best organic coffee in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way! The Tube is a new and exciting family-run business created by Simeon and Josie, with a strong emphasis on quality products including fine coffee and home-made cakes. All dished up from our beautiful and unique van. 



Oh heavenly coffee, where art thou? Follow us on twitter @thetubevan & find out





"I can honestly say that's the best Cappuccino I have ever tasted!"

People say that... 



Available for events


The Tube is more than happy to potter along to any event in Cornwall. Further afield may be an issue, but hey, anything is possible! Weddings, parties, product launches, openings - the bottom line is, nearly everybody loves a good coffee and The Tube supplies some of the best coffee around.

At a private event, The Tube is not limited to serving just coffee. With two large fridges, we can elegantly serve chilled Champagne, wines, oysters perhaps? Anything you'd like your guests to enjoy. 


Get in touch if you're interested and  will be more than happy to talk about your needs (or just say hi). 


Organic coffee

It's organic, and all the more delicious for it

Organic Certification GB-ORG-04. Full and sweet with fruity length and cocoa aftertaste. Our organic espresso is a combination of our certified coffees from Limu (Ethiopia), Tunki (Peru) and Finca La Esperanza (Colombia). To complement the organic coffee The Tube also uses organic milk.



Environmental thinking

The Tube approaches it's business in a sustainable way on as many levels as it can

Our environment is not an option, at least not at this point. The Tube seeks to reduce it's resource impact on the world wherever it can. Compostable, sustainable source packaging is one thing, but also every year we plant trees in order to help offset any carbon created through the use of fossil fuels - not ideal but pro-active.


The Tube seeks to meet the needs of the people, to serve the caffeine deprived Cornish folk, to lift their spirits and fuel their days. The Tube is here, The Tube is there, if The Tube is not here then it's probably there... oh, silly and precious Tube how strong yet fragileth you are, to touch your vintage body is to touch history itself...